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Goodbye and Thank You to #IS6621 Z!

14 weeks ago, I reluctantly dragged my feet all the way from a long day at my internship downtown to our first IS6621 class. If truth be told, I was not entirely thrilled about the idea of sitting in a 2-hour class. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I can […]

Up Close and Personal with Clean Courses Founder: Zein Farradj

Meet Zein Farradj, my good friend, roommate, and founder of clean eating Instagram account Clean Courses (follow her here). Zein founded Clean Courses in January 2014 and posts pictures of healthy meals and snacks, along with recipes, and healthy eating and lifestyle tips. I love following her account because she posts the most delicious meals […]

How to Become Insta-Famous: Pet Edition

The Internet loves animals, and people love their pets. So it should come as no surprise that according to a study done by the UK’s Telegraph, 13% of cats have their own Facebook page and 9% of dogs have their own Twitter account. Pets are all over social media, but some are more popular than […]

No Boys Allowed!

Let’s rewind back to 8 weeks ago, to my very first #is6621 tweet: “How does gender play a role in social media?” Females visit some social media platforms more often than males and vice versa. Two of the most heavily skewed sites are Pinterest and Reddit, with about 71% of Pinterest users being female and […]

Collaborate – In the Real World

Over the course of the semester, we have learned lot about how corporations utilize social media internally, however we haven’t had too many opportunities to see an enterprise social media platform in action. So, to illustrate some of the benefits and challenges of social media used within a company, I want to introduce you to […]

Social Media Stories to Make You Smile

A few weeks ago, I tweeted about Humans of New York photographer and his use of social media to raise money for underprivileged school children. I found his story so powerful that I wanted to look into other instances of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to reach a common goal. I love reading heartwarming stories where the […]

Social Media: How Much is Too Much?

Watch the video above and you might just be tempted to turn off all technology and social media and just live in the moment. I admit that I almost teared up a little watching the subject of the movie fall in love. If only meeting the love of your life were as easy as putting […]