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14 Things I Learned from #IS6621

I seriously can’t believe I’m writing my final blog post for #IS6621. It seemed like reaching this day would take an eternity at the beginning of the semester! In my final reflection and to bid adieu to our 14 weeks together in Social Media and Digital Business, I present to you, 14 Things I Learned […]

#Techsgiving: Digital Tools and Services that Powered My Break

Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s the holiday us college students need, but not the one we deserve. Whether it’s an excuse for procrastinating a paper, stuffing your face with free food, or playing holiday music (#SeasonRusher), there are lots of reasons to be thankful on Thanksgiving. This time last year, I was with friends in Italy for […]

The Juggernaut with a Life Vest and Wings:

Two classes ago, I gave a presentation on The Prime Effect — how Amazon’s execution and continued investment in the Prime program has transformed consumer buying habits, catapulted Amazon into record-breaking revenues, and redefined the value proposition that customers live and breathe by.   In summary, here’s what we learned: Since its inception in 2005, […]

Accidentally Viral: A Website, A YouTube Channel, and a Clever Middle Schooler

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a passion for computers. In fact, I created my first “website” in elementary school, stringing together Microsoft Word documents that I managed to open as web pages. Obviously, that website didn’t get much exposure — my brother and I were its two most active (and only) users. […]

Airline Roulette and the Value of Loyalty

The airline business is an intricate and multi-faceted industry, especially for unassuming flyers. In an earlier blog post, I wrote about the complexities of the wireless carrier industry and how those companies have adapted to rapid technological advances over recent years. Aviation fits the bill for this description too, with a healthy side of ins-and-outs designed […]

“Unlimited” Wireless Data is Back — For Good?

After a half-decade hiatus, unlimited data plans are back on our nation’s four largest cellular carriers – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Did you notice? If you’re anything like my roommate, you might not have noticed the sneaky games these carriers have been playing over the years. “These phone companies capitalize on people’s inability and […]

Social Media and the Power to Do Good

As an avid user of most major social networks, my wide exposure to a myriad of posts, opinions, and retweets had me thinking that I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly that social media shines a light on. After all, I registered for Facebook as a 27-year-old back in 2007 to overcome the […]