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Applying the principles in the future

Social media and digital business is not something that slowly evolves, where you can react based on the changes that you see. In my last post I alluded to the idea that business leaders should be trained in some sort of ethical standards. I brought this idea up because I thought that it would help […]

Regulating on-demand commerce

I assume over the break that many of you had heard that Uber is once again over headlines. This time it is because Uber paid hackers $100,000 to keep quiet about the fact that they had obtained the personal information of over 50 million customers and drivers. The funny thing about this situation is that […]


If you do not watch the NFL, it typically has a theme where it tries to raise awareness for certain causes or donates money to certain charities. Up until this year, October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This was done where players had pink towels, pink shoes, pink tape, etc. This year that policy […]

VR evolution in the NFL

The NFL leads the way as being an early adopter of technology. Putting cameras that run the length of the field, which you can follow the kick return from one end zone to the other end zone.  The NFL dumped 300 page playbooks and sideline print out of defensive formation, in effort to turn to […]

Modernization of Health Care

As technology has changed, so has the interaction between the health care provider and the patient. We all know about advances in medicine has improved as technology has improved. But one area I think that goes unnoticed is the interactions a patient has with the health care team, because it is no the sexy lifesaving […]

Netflix and Data Analytics

Growing up I always remember the comedy sitcom ‘Seinfeld’ being on TV around 7pm every week night. My family would religiously watch for an hour every night, including Thursday when they would air a new episode. I bring this up because over this past weekend I set up Netflix for my dad, so he could […]

Initial Thoughts

Signing up for the course (did I make the right decision?): After returning to Boston this summer and before classes started, I had a chance to sit down and read through the syllabus for this course and was able to view the Ted Talk done by Professor Kane. Based on the syllabus and Ted Talk, […]