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Final Reflections on Social Media and Digital Business

The opening weeks of this class, I’m not going to lie I was angry and terrified. I thought commenting on blog posts every week and tweeting every week (and creating a “business professional”) twitter was going to suck. It seemed really time consuming with everything else I have going on in my life. The first […]

How Twitter Made the NBA the Most Relatable League

Professional athletes love social media. They take to the different platforms to interact with each other, their fans, their haters, teammates and everything in between. Since my rekindled relationship with Twitter last summer I did notice however, that the Twitter for the Big Four sports leagues in the United States is vastly different. The MLB […]

A Tradition Unlike Any Other.

The Masters. There are definitely people out there who don’t consider themselves “sports people”. However, I truly believe that ninety-five percent of the US population knows what The Masters is. It truly is a tradition unlike any other. It’s the one weekend a year where people don’t move from their couches because their eyes are […]

Hulu putting the Flix on blast.

As I discussed in my presentation last week, Hulu is taking the right steps toward becoming one of the first platforms to take all aspects of visual entertainment and put it into one place. It first started with the digital library that was far behind Netflix and even Amazon Prime. However, Hulu has made strong […]

What’s Better? Christmas or Wedding Season?

For as long as I can remember, my favorite movie has been Wedding Crashers. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s romantic, it makes you believe in love. Not only did I love this movie because of the listed reasons, but weddings in general are an absolute blast. Weddings bring people together, everyone is drinking and dancing, […]

Streaming. Problematic with sports, or the future?

Today is the first time that Eagles fans can call themselves champions. As a self-proclaimed “football guy” I was glued to the screen the moment the coverage began on Sunday afternoon. I had put in my bets with friends about the spread and of course had my family boxes (squares) that I was hoping to […]

Social Media: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

In 2013 when I graduated high school I deleted my Twitter. It was fun to tweet nonsense and music lyrics and have peers comment, like, and retweet my thoughts. Then one day, my advisor sat me down and scared the life out of me. He told me that colleges and businesses look through candidates’ social […]