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The Results Are In!

The results are in! By unanimous decision, it seems that 100 % of ISYS6621 students enjoyed the class this semester! I must commend Professor Kane for such a semester, boasting such worthy results. While this poll most definitely falls into the dreaded fake news debate, and may have had a significant yes bias, 27 of […]

Ding-Dong DoorDash

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break! This week I am going to talk to you about one of my favorite startups, started by a group of Stanford University students in 2013. DoorDash is a food delivery service that allows customers to order their favorite local restaurants to their homes or work, […]

Fan Gates

What is up everyone, this week I am going to talk about the process of converting an online user or potential customer into a fan or reoccurring customer. This process is known by the term, fan gating. Fan gates themselves are third party pages that businesses or artists use on platforms such as Facebook or […]

It’s Time to JumpForward

Hey everyone this week I am going to give nerd out a little bit and talk about the must have tech platform for any collegiate athletic depart. This platform is JumpForward. JumpForward provides a centralized communication service for athletic department’s compliance office and student-athletes, and is currently used by 150,000 athletes and 175 college athletic […]

Splicing Up the Industry

What is up everyone? Back by popular request I am blogging about another social media platform that is changing the digital music game for musicians worldwide. A few weeks ago I touched on how Hypemachine was revolutionizing the way musicians chase bloggers to gain publicity, and how this has led to a lack of creativity. […]

Blogging the Downfall of Musical Creativity?

I was scrolling  down my Twitter timeline a few days ago and clicked a link posted by one of my favorite music blogs. This blog happened to be called Dance Rebels  and they had just posted a new song by an up-and-coming artist. While I enjoyed reading the bio about this new artist and listened […]

Social Media’s 360 and My Initial Expectations

Blog Post #1: My Social Media 360 and Initial Expectations. I made my social media debut as a 13 year old residing in rural Akron, Ohio. Like many of my piers my entry to the social media world came through Facebook, and my presence online has continued to expand ever since. To put in perspective […]