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Social Media in a Changing World

In my original blog post for #MI621 this semester, I spoke to the immovable power of Facebook and the enormous switching costs that one would incur when considering the vast amount of information (posts, pictures, videos and more) that would be lost if something new and better were to come along that did the exact […]

Why Companies Love When You ‘Like’

Whether you know it or not, the “Like” button on Facebook is much more than a way to tell your friends that you’re a fan of whatever they’re having for dinner or supporting their latest workout – it serves as the lifeblood for companies looking for the most dynamic ways to get you to spend […]

All I do is Wynn, Wynn, Wynn…

No, Steve Wynn didn’t participate in DJ Khaled’s hit video “All I Do Is Win” back in 2010, but he’s done something even more elusive: become one of the richest men in the world. He’s owned five major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, including the current Wynn and Encore properties, and while he could […]

PS4 and the future of social gaming

Social gaming is not a new concept; with origins in traditional board games, card games like Magic: The Gathering and online phenoms like World of Warcraft, the desire of gamers to interact with others while playing has been around for a long time. So how, exactly, does Sony plan to revolutionize a concept that has […]

We really CAN be whatever we want when we grow up…

Maybe it was the Manti Te’o scandal, or maybe it was the four hour Catfish marathon I subjected myself to this past weekend, but the idea of social media deception has been on my mind quite a bit lately.

Why Social TV will take over the world by 2016

You’ve already seen glimpses of it – whether you were one of the thousands to download the Super Bowl app to interact live with the game or simply live-tweet during your favorite shows, the social aspects of television have been around for quite a while now. The emergence of the second screen (smartphones, tablets, laptops […]

Social Media: More than just a ‘blip’ on the radar screen

Want to chat about what just happened on the latest episode of Dexter? Looking for a great new restaurant in Boston? Need a recommendation on what to do when you’re in Cabo for spring break? Social media gives us the ability to not only find the answers to these questions within minutes, sometimes even seconds, […]