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Elon Musk & What the heck he has to do with #IS6621

So many feelings as I am writing my last blog post for #IS6621, a hashtag that will be missed.  A great deal has changed since being rattled by that first class.  I learned how to tweet, how insightful 800 words can be, and all about emerging technology that is going to rock our world. When […]

How the PayPal Mafia Transformed Silicon Valley

  What do YouTube, Tesla, LinkedIn, SpaceX, Yelp, Yammer, and Palantir have in common?  Besides all being “unicorn” companies valued at over $1 billion, a more impressive phenomenon lies in the shared background amongst their founders, who fundamentally changed the technological landscape that we live in today. Coined as the “PayPal Mafia”, a majority of […]

Business Lessons from Taylor Swift on Social Media

On August 18th, 2017 Taylor Swift vanished from social media, deleting all of her previous posts on her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.  And people noticed.  It sparked conversation and freak outs, depending on the crowd, of speculation of her new album and though she may have never fell off the radar, she brought herself […]

Ethics and AI

Over the past weeks, we have discussed the effects of artificial intelligence on society, both now and in the future.  Another important topic to ponder, research, and discuss is the effect that society has on AI. I’ll try not to get too Sci-fi-y here or speculate too extremely, but I would like to go into […]

I WANT CANDY, and I want it to be produced using sustainable practices

When thinking of the candy industry, sustainability and innovation does not exactly come to mind. On the contrary, I first think of tradition and waste. I think tradition in that many of the candies being mass-produced today have not changed that much in the past century or more. I think waste, in that though perhaps […]

Social media taking hurricane relief by storm

This past weekend, I stopped home for Sunday night dinner and it happened to turn into a bit of a family reunion, with the addition of my sister’s boyfriend, and my brother’s girlfriend and her family. My mother, of course, cherishes these moments and points out that our family has not spent time all together […]

What I think I know and everything else

What (I think) I Know: Social media is HUGE.  It’s almost as pervasive in our society as consumerism itself.  Everyone’s using it.  I am, you are, my professor is, your grandma is, my dog is (see below).   I have already scrolled through multiple apps before writing the third sentence of this post.  We are […]