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Technology: The Digital Drug – part II – Digital Medicine

In my last blog I talked about our addiction to technology and how our addiction to technology is impacting our lives. This week I wanted to cover one of the more positive aspects of technology, specifically how one company based out of Boston is using video games to directly target neurologic diseases and improve cognitive […]

The Digital Drug

Part 1 – Technology: The Addiction I was raised on a farm in the Irish countryside, where spending time outdoors wasn’t so much of an after-school privilege as it was an expectation. My parents had the mindset that if we had time to be sitting in front of the TV then we had time to […]

Is data analytics in sport a good thing?

Data analytics in sports is not a new concept, in fact is was almost 17 years ago when the 2002 Oakland A’s team created history by winning 20 consecutive games in what is still one of the most compelling stories of sports analytics. In fact when the 2011 movie about this feat came out ‘Moneyball’ […]

Trust and Influence

If Joe Gebbia believes that you can “design for trust”, then I, Miriam Bourke, believe that one can use design to deceive. In March 2016 Joe Gebbia captivated a San Francisco audience when on the TED stage he proclaimed the power of design in creating trust between two total strangers across the world. Gebbia’s belief […]

“A Learning Community..”

Disruption (noun): a break or interruption in the normal course or continuation of some activity, process etc. Also, one of the most popular / overused / abused words in businesses and business schools. Irony (noun): when the majority of business classes around the country still use textbooks, PowerPoint slides, cases and 2 hour exams to […]