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Google’s Dangerous Use of Data: Calorie Counter Controversy

As the largest, most-used search engine in the world, with a global market share of about 90 percent, Google has no shortage of data.  In turn, this means they have no shortage of data/information about us (our likes, dislikes, activities, current interests), as you well know based your own internet experience.  This wealth of knowledge, […]


“Visiobibliophobia.” For most people, this word is entirely unfamiliar, sparking confusion similar to that felt above by our friend Ron Burgundy. While some may understand that it refers to some form of phobia, it is not commonplace by any means.  According to Uncyclopedia, this term was first coined in an “attempt to properly describe a […]

Test Post for #IS6621

Attempting a test post for the class blog… I think…