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I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

Dear Myself in One Year, Happy one-year anniversary of finishing IS6621! This Social Media and Digital Business course was one of the best classes you took at Boston College and you learned about more topics than there are United PR problems. I hope you haven’t had to take a flight with them in the past […]

Can brands be funny just for fun?

We’ve all seen the stand out examples. The brands that tweet out something funny on social media in order attract attention to their account or build up their reputation on twitter. But what about the brands that are just funny for the fun of it? When I think of brands responding to customers on twitter, […]

Spotify has a ‘Rainy Day’ playlist? I should pack my umbrella today.

Weather plays a huge part in our every day life. From deciding whether (ha) or not to wear rain boots to trying to find a way to start a conversation, weather affects each of us all the time. However with the development of social media and increased digital usage, the access to weather info and […]

When your Aunt Cindy signs her Facebook comment… *face palm*

We’ve all been there. Your mom, dad, aunt, or some other adult family member signs up for an account on social media, let’s say Facebook. They are so excited to be updated on all aspects of your life. It starts with liking every picture you post. Ok, that’s not bad. Maybe you like it because […]

A Tweet a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Think about the last time you tweeted. It was most likely for this class, right? It might have contained an article about a Snapchat or Facebook update or about how drones and self-driving cars are going to take over the world. Now think about the last time you were sick. You probably tried to take some […]

Thank You Instagram for the $12 Fruit Smoothie

Food and social media. These two have been going steady for some time now, with consumers tuning in to every part of their relationship. Together they’ve given birth to new trends (hello, kale salad), new tools (what’s up, Nutribullet),  and new ways of dining (hey snapchat, lets eat together). However, did you every think it would […]

Pics or it Didn’t Happen…

Most of us can admit to hearing, or even saying, this phrase at some point in time. Said with a smile or a laugh, it was obviously meant as a joke. Or was it? We live in a society that if our lives are not documented they seem to have no worth. If you can’t […]