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Becoming Digitally Mature: Fidelity Investments

In Week 2 of ISYS6621 we explored the ‘Digital Transformation of the Enterprise’. We learned that digital transformation is not just how companies choose to use technology, but instead it is a continuous adaptation to how technology is changing the way business is done. One of our readings, SMR’s Research Report “Achieving Digital Maturity”, outlined […]

First Rule of CrossFit…

The CrossFit Games is an annual test of fitness designed to find the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth. The first ever CrossFit Games was in 2007: it was a two-day event, held on the dirt of a ranch in California, and was more of BBQ and beer-fest than a fitness competition. Fast forward to […]

A 30 Year-Old’s History of Social Media

As a 30-year-old, I believe people around my age have a unique perspective on technology and social media.  I was born just before something called the World Wide Web went public to the world, before instant messaging, and before everyone and their grandmother had a smartphone.  I got in a few good years of when […]

Test Post

Mic check. One Two.