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Our Jobs are Going Digital

Despite the rhetoric surrounding the immigration debate and protectionism, we are more fearful of losing employment to new technology than to other, more competitive, workers. Considering the spectrum of demographics surveyed, it should be noted that people are universally fearful of technology disrupting their professions and employment in the near future. We have already seen […]

Dr. Albert Isaac (AI) Will See You Now

Imagine a world where human error was been virtually eradicated from hospitals. The process of patient diagnosis and treatment is completely automated, with a certified doctor being the final gatekeeper to sign off on the recommendations wholly generated by a machine. This is the world envisioned by DeepMind, the AI division of Google that is […]

The Data-less Hack: Why this method of hacking may become more popular in the years to come

Tesla recently joined the ranks of large technology companies that have been hacked. However, in this case, not a single bit of data was stolen. Instead, the hackers used their unauthorized access to hijack computing time in order to mine for cryptocurrency. While it’s never great to see another beloved tech company become compromised, I […]

The Future of Health Care looks Virtual

I had recently stumbled across an article that mentioned the viability of using virtual reality (VR) solutions in the healthcare space, and was immensely interested by the potential uses of the platform in such a novel way. Too often do we relegate VR to a “gamer’s passion” or as a “dying fad.” In opposition to […]

Algo Trading Can Create Chaos

It has been only a short week since my presentation algo trading, and already, the markets seem to be taking a nosedive! However, before you begin to panic, you should realize that algo trading is exactly what caused this volatility in the market in the first place. In an article featured in CNN Money¬†, Chris […]

Hello, all! – A brief test post

Good evening, and hello to all my fellow classmates for this semester! I tried to sign up for this class last semester only to encounter a completely full class and wait list. With that in the past, I’m grateful to have signed up this semester without a hitch, and am looking forward to making this […]