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Final reflections on social media and digital business

What I learned the past semester in this wonderfully dynamic and engaging class can’t be easily summed in a blog entry, but here goes my best efforts: The world changes quickly Although we’re oftentimes told to look to the future for opportunities and new developments, few of us actually realize how quickly the future becomes […]

A movie a day keeps boredom at bay

What would be your initial reaction if I told you that you could watch any 2D movie you wanted for only $10 a month? Doesn’t that sounds too good to be true? In fact, it’s quite possible! You may have already heard, but Moviepass, a company that has been in business for a few years already, […]

Hey, Neighbor! Can I borrow a few watts? The rise of P2P Energy

In anticipation of our blockchain discussion next week, I tried to find an unusual application of the technology to showcase the different ways it could be used across industries. For the power utility industry, blockchain presents a great existential threat to the traditional notion of power delivery and management. This Bloomberg article really piqued my […]

Think you have what it takes to be a 5-star citizen?

Although courtesy and kindness are the ideals which we strive for as individuals in a single society, such is not always the case in practice. Even the kindest and altruistic among us probably has had an off-day, where he/she made more self-serving decisions than generous ones. In the case of China, the government seeks to […]

The Growth of Mobile-First Consumption

Have you ever noticed those white lightning icons within a circle on Google’s mobile search results pages? Give it a try by Google searching something on your phone right now. I first saw them a few years ago in the beta version of the Google app on my phone, and felt immediately curious about what […]

AR eSports *on Demand*

Imagine being able to view a gaming arena through your own smartphone, literally using the device as a window into a computerized world where players battle for supremacy. How amazing does that sound? That hypothetical is actually a reality, and it’s one that I’ve experienced just today! Although the first-person shooter, Guns of Boom, isn’t new, […]

Our Jobs are Going Digital

Despite the rhetoric surrounding the immigration debate and protectionism, we are more fearful of losing employment to new technology than to other, more competitive, workers. Considering the spectrum of demographics surveyed, it should be noted that people are universally fearful of technology disrupting their professions and employment in the near future. We have already seen […]