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I’m the girl who calls during dinner

It’s true. It’s’ me. I call during dinner, and you probably screen that call. Well, to be fair, our student call center are the ones calling, but it all comes out of the office I work in: Boston College University Advancement. I’ve shared some details with the class before, but this always feels like the […]

GoFundMe Part 2 – A follow up

I hope everyone enjoyed learning some more about crowdfunding within philanthropy – your feedback has been so great to nail down on what parts of the topic you wanted to hear more about. So today we will wrap up crowdfunding with the following topics, from your feedback: How Gofundme has remained successful Cases of fraud […]

#TBT: Stop reminding me

With the popularity of Instagram and Twitter and Facebook came a new app a few years ago: Timehop. Timehop SWEPT through my social circle with intense popularity. The premise? Remember all of the fun, cool things you posted on the internet one year ago today! Or all the years ago today! HOW FUN! Okay, I’m […]

My Dad follows me on Twitter

Things you should know: I love using Twitter, I only read blogs to get recipes, and my dad has a Snapchat (and an Instagram, and a Twitter) which immediately makes me rethink everything I put on social media even at age 28. And to be fair, he was my first follower on my new twitter […]

Ready to Blog

As someone who has said at least 19 times “I should totally start a blog” I never have! Great follow through! This is a test post for #IS6621. Excited to chat emerging tech and digital business and have my first MBA class integrating UG students!