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My Journey from Social Media Agnostic to Appreciation

Before starting #IS6621, I was a social media agnostic. I had a Facebook account and religiously open it once a day before I sleep to keep tabs on the world. My Facebook posts follow a frequency of once or twice a year. I also use messaging  apps and email. That was my relation with social […]

How ISIS tries to keep its online activity a secret

After the devastating terrorist attacks, I wanted to touch on a sensitive side of social media, that is the ISIS strategy on social media and other communication platforms. A lot of companies regularly come under fire for not being able to control or shut down all ISIS accounts but the truth, as we discussed in […]

How brands on Twitter went creative during the #LeapSecond

I have always been a proponent of the fact that even every day science is the amazing! (#nerd). Its interesting that now, through the efforts of vocal scientists such as Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) and many many others, and the ever presence of social media, science is becoming a part of our everyday lives. […]

I read it on the internet, It must be True!

I’m writing this blog as a follow-up to the last discussion we had in our last #IS6621 class about the information bubble and how companies and algorithms ensure that all content online is curated to our preferences. Very obvious benefits aside, the major issue we discussed was the loss of fairness and correct representation of news […]

Presentation Update: The Death of Privacy, First Few Steps Towards Anonymity

This is a follow-up to my presentation in class about Social Media and the Death of Privacy. After the presentation, and in the comments, a lot of people asked what specific steps they should take to ensure their data is secure. Through this blog I intend to, hopefully, provide the first few basic steps that […]

Scientific Misconduct on Social Media

Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece on a debatable topic and a continuation of the much broader issue as highlighted by Amanda Valdes and SaunderH. I encourage you to read both these blog as they explain the issue and are very well written. It is generally undisputed that Twitter and other social media websites are […]

My Expectations from Social Media #IS6621

Being part of the generation that saw social media grow, I feel I’m in the sweet spot between our parents, who don’t know what to make of it, and the younger generation, who take it as a given and don’t understand the beginnings and limitations completely. Before joining this class, every aspect of Social Media […]