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Cloud Gaming – Bringing the Disruption

Words on the street are that if you were a middle-school kid, you brag about your GPA (or at least my friends did). If you were a basketball player, you might brag about what shoes you got. Now if you were a gamer, you brag about what gaming-rigs you have, or what PC build you […]

eSports Ready – “I make a living playing video games”

How would you feel about a person saying, “I make a living playing video games.” Since I have introduced Twitch in my last blog post, I think one cannot simply talk about Twitch without mentioning video games. And not just any video game, or video games in general, but the word E-Sports. E-Sports or many-called […]

Twitch – It’s a Good Day to be a Gamer, and It’s Only Getting Better

Imagine a huge football stadium, a stadium just like this, packed with people; and everyone has his or her attention only, only on you —- PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. Just let that thought sink in a little. IT’S PRETTY DARN COOL RIGHT?! Then it gets a little creepy, and that’s when you stop thinking about it. […]

So Twitter Isn’t a Bird Watching Site?

I remembered my first social media account and the time that I was crazy for social media. It was the only place where I can post my stream of consciousness, and won’t feel awkward about myself. Receiving comments, replying comments, liking comments; good old days. However, one day everything stopped, I stopped social media-ing. Might […]