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It’s been real #IS6621

I honestly can’t believe this is the final blog post I’ll write for this class. I feel like it was yesterday when professor Kane and the TAs were warning us about the amount of work we would have to do for this class and how it wasn’t going to be easy. “This class is not […]

Taking an Online Class at BC

This semester, BC offered Analytics and Business Intelligence as an online course. There are not many courses offered like this at BC because they are still experimenting to see how successful the online format is. The only other time I have taken an online class was back in high school. I came to the US […]

Just keep tracking, tracking, tracking

One of the things that technology has been enabling us to do lately is to track all sorts of things. The way technology has evolved and the emergence of smartphones has made us become impatient people who always want to be aware of what is happening around us. We can now track packages, friends, news, […]

Is there anything Smartphones can’t do?

Since the beginning of the semester, taking this class has made me reflect on my usage of social media and technology and how it has evolved over the past 10 years. It is interesting because our generation (those of us who were born in the 90’s) is the one who didn’t entirely grow up with […]

Online celebrity …. as a profession?!?! 😱

I am jealous of people who can turn their hobby into their profession. Many YouTubers and bloggers have managed to follow their passion and somehow were able to turn their hobby into their ‘9-5 job’. If you like cooking, singing, working out, playing video games, doing makeup … there is a chance for you to […]

Why do we get frustrated when apps get updated?

Since my high school days, I have been a pretty loyal user of Snapchat. Since it came out in September 2011, the app has evolved a lot, and this post is inspired by Snapchat’s recent update and the nature of change in the apps that we use. I’m a fan of Snapchat because it keeps […]

Learning how to blog 101

The closest I’ve come to blogging was in middle school when there were these websites called FotoLog and MetroFlog where you could post one picture a day and write a paragraph about it. Then, people could leave comments for each picture. Everyone was pretty hyped about it for a few months but it died out […]