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Is iPad Tipping Awkward?

As many of you know, a Playa Bowls was recently opened across from BC’s campus. Every weekend lines of Boston College students wrap around the block just to pay $12 (or more) for one of Playa’s famous smoothie bowls. As a huge fan of acai bowls, I had to go and check it out for […]

The Future of Fitness

As our society becomes increasingly focused on health and wellness, the fitness industry continues to see exponential growth. The fitness and mind and body industry grew from $595 billion in 2017 to $624 billion in 2018. Traditional gyms and fitness studios are struggling to maintain customers as pay-as-you-go and subscription-based virtual models continue to grab […]

Is the next big disruption in big pharma?

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals are two of the most highly regulated industries when it comes to marketing and the use of consumer data. My mom has worked in pharmaceutical sales for her entire life, and over the years I have learned first hand just how much of a hindrance these regulations can be to a sales […]

The Future of Food

When I was younger, my dream was to be a professional chef. This was driven partially by my aunt’s love of all things Paula Dean. I remember sitting in the living room next to my toy kitchen set, watching the Food Network for hours on end. Most of my childhood was either spent here or […]

My Expectations for ISYS6621

Initially, I signed up for this course because professor Kane came highly recommended. I needed another elective to fulfill my marketing concentration requirements and the topic of social media and digital tech piqued my interest. In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, I felt that this class would give me a good […]

This is my test post

Can’t figure out word press to save my life, so hopefully this works.