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You can’t eat cats, Kevin

ISYS6621. Social Media and Digital Business. The land of Office Gifs. But in all seriousness, I enjoyed our class throughout this past semester. And I really did learn a lot. I often found that this class walked Social Media and Digital Business in parallel. I felt like some of the class was more interested in […]

Solar Energy and Digital Business

This is a topic I’ve been thinking about for a while now. The underlying factor in all of these advancements we talk about is power. In many cases, technology in the battery industry has enabled us to have devises like smart phones, laptops, and wireless headphones. But they also use a huge amount of energy. […]

Unintended Byproducts of Tech

One reason I enjoy this class is because we’re allowed to explore the space. We’re given loose guidelines for the subject matter we produce and, in turn, consume. Some of the topics are about social media; how it has changed / progressed business. Other topics include the digitization and technological advancements in our lives and […]

Arguments For and Against Automation

Last week’s class got me thinking more about AI. I noticed that I had some dissonance between my ideas of AI. On one hand, I had this idea of AI like The Kitchen of the Future; a sort of future vision that will probably never be what AI will become. On the other hand, AI […]

Digital Advancements in the Airline Industry

** Perfect timing. As I was writing my blog, I saw that @mgiovanniello has a post about the airline industry as well. Not necessarily a point / counterpoint blog but this will be more about revenue from the airline’s point of view. ** I will be presenting on Wednesday and I will only have time to […]

The TSA Is Learning

Since we’ve started this class, I’ve been more aware of digital trends and applications, and I’ve noticed something interesting. If there is a problem in the world, chances are people are trying to solve it using some sort of digital solution. Don’t want to get up to turn the lights out? The Clapper! Can’t figure […]

I don’t know what this is yet …

  I need to share something with everyone here. I know its not a popular opinion around these parts but I think its important for everyone to know – especially in this class. I don’t like social media. I think it’s (generally) a giant waste of time with outlandish opportunity costs. I’m glad I got […]