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Digital Advancements in the Airline Industry

** Perfect timing. As I was writing my blog, I saw that @mgiovanniello has a post about the airline industry as well. Not necessarily a point / counterpoint blog but this will be more about revenue from the airline’s point of view. ** I will be presenting on Wednesday and I will only have time to […]

The TSA Is Learning

Since we’ve started this class, I’ve been more aware of digital trends and applications, and I’ve noticed something interesting. If there is a problem in the world, chances are people are trying to solve it using some sort of digital solution. Don’t want to get up to turn the lights out? The Clapper! Can’t figure […]

I don’t know what this is yet …

  I need to share something with everyone here. I know its not a popular opinion around these parts but I think its important for everyone to know – especially in this class. I don’t like social media. I think it’s (generally) a giant waste of time with outlandish opportunity costs. I’m glad I got […]


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