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Social Media & Me (Revised): A Success Story

At the beginning of the semester I posted about how I was pretty good at keeping my personal social media accounts up to date and engaging with my friends; however, I wasn’t sure how capable I was at updating social media on a professional level. With what I know now, I can attest to how completely […]

Social Media: A Virtual Art Gallery

With social media, content is king. In this case, when I say content I mean images. This is why social media lends itself so well to promoting the visual arts. How could a field with the word VISUAL in its name have anything to lose from participating in platforms like Instagram or Tumblr, where people scroll […]

Just Do It: Nike Does Instagram Right

Understanding the right content for your brand and finding interesting ways to engage with followers are two key skills when creating a strong presence on Instagram, as well as all other social media platforms. Nike continues to do an outstanding job with both of these things and acts as an example to all other brands on how to do Instagram right.

Is Spotify the Best Option for Distributing Music?

Spotify has over 40 million active users (active users meaning people who have used Spotify in the last 30 days), and over 20 million songs spanning 58 countries. There are playlists, recommendations, an option to follow other users or artists, integrated apps, radio channels, the ability to send other users tracks along with messages, an […]

YouTube Resurrected the Video Star & Brands Want In

Since their introduction to pop culture, music videos have become the most undeniably crucial promotional tool available to the music industry. Now more than ever, there is huge value in the music video. With the rise of online social media in the past decade, we’ve seen how viral videos can capture the attention of millions […]

Social Media & Me: Personally Proficient, Professionally Pathetic

My current relationship with social media is a bit complicated. I’m pretty social media savvy when it comes to my own personal online engagements. I, like many others brought up on the idea that your online social presence can be almost as important as your “irl” one, check social media at all waking hours of […]

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