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End of Year Thoughts

I truly cannot believe that this is my last blog post for IS6621. With the amount of in course material we learned, as well as information from some fantastic presentations, blogs, and tweets, I truly believe there is enough information for us to keep discussing these topics long beyond this semester. Unfortunately, that is not […]

Dropshipping Followup

Following my presentation on dropshipping, I wanted to create a blog post to address some of the main questions and concerns I received from my peers, as well as delve a little further into this concept and explore some examples of it in action. On the whole, I was definitely surprised to see how few […]

How Netflix’s Original Content Is Changing the Entertainment Industry

If you are anything like me, Thanksgiving break was an awesome chance to relax, unwind… and watch a ton of Netflix. There is nothing better than having the time to sit around all day and binge-watch a show without a care in the world (shoutout to Ozark). With all of this time spent on Netflix, […]

How The Internet Has Changed Sports Gambling

As an avid fantasy sports player, a lot of my time online is spent on activities related to sports gambling. Whether it is fantasy football, hockey, golf, or baseball, I am always on my computer betting on something. After all, it’s another fun way of making money while sitting on my couch. Whether I am […]

Tweeting for Beer Money

Entering college, I was looking for a way to earn some weekly beer money, and being the lazy kid that I was, I wasn’t trying to leave my dorm room to do so. I had a friend who ran a large and profitable Twitter account, so I figured it would be a fun endeavor to […]

The Digitization of the College Experience

As I was sitting around this past week trying to find a topic to write about for this week’s blog post, I paid particular attention to everything I was doing online, hoping that I would find something that would inspire a blog post about digital business. What I noticed, when I tracked what I was […]

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