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Reflection is hard

This blog post is in some ways the easiest and in some ways the hardest blog post I’ve had to write all semester. It’s easier because we’ve been given a direction and a topic so I don’t need to spend all day asking my friends for suggestions on what to write about. It’s harder because […]

Online Security: Keep What’s Yours, Yours.

So we’ve talked a lot about privacy and security online in this class and obviously it’s a huge topic in the news right now. What I’ve taken away from this discussion and discovery is that, whether or not the way tech companies are handling our data is wrong or bad or illegal and whether or […]

Party for a Purpose

In case you don’t have a running countdown, there are 21 days until Marathon Monday. Fitting (and coincidental) that I should choose today to write about it while sitting in my room at #Mile21! In any case, last night I was talking to a friend who’s training for the Boston Marathon about his decision to […]

America runs on mobile

Earlier today, as I was waiting in the train station on my way back to school, paying for my iced tea though Dunkin’ Donuts’ app, I realized how my relationship with Dunkin’ has changed and how much more frequently I spend money at Dunkin’ since downloading this app. Part of this is definitely because, living […]

Nosedive: 5 Stars For The Future

Like many people these days, I am super into and slightly terrified by the Netflix show Black Mirror. I found it a couple of years ago, binged as much as I could emotionally handle at once, and have since been slowly but surely working my way through the series. For those of you who are […]

I was traveling for 12 hours yesterday and this is what I took away.

This past weekend I dragged myself and 8 of my teammates on an adventure to Charlottesville, Virginia to play in a squash tournament against UVA and a number of other new and exciting schools who we had not played before. First thing’s first – for those of you who inevitably don’t know what squash is, […]

6621: Apprehensive but Eager

Not too put too much pressure on anything, but I have pretty high expectations for this class. I’ve been hearing things about Professor Kane’s Social Media and Digital Business (in it’s various forms and names) for the past few semesters and have always been intrigued about taking it. I even found it on a list […]