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Final Thoughts on Social Media: It is Transforming Our World

I simply cannot believe I have sat down to wrap up an amazing semester. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago when I sat down for the first time to write my initial thoughts. Blogs I remember it was my first time ever writing a blog post. I had no idea how […]


After watching Dove’s video ad for their new campaign #ChooseBeautiful and commenting about it in class, I decided to look more into it to see how effective it has been. For those of you who are not familiar with the campaign, it was launched on April 7 and consisted on placing a ‘Beautiful’ and an ‘Average’ […]

Burger King & Jeep’s Hacker Attacks

After talking about social media crisis in our class this past Monday, I was intrigued to know a little bit more about the Burger King crisis that Prof. Kane mentions in his blog How to Avoid a Social Media Fiasco. Basically, Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked anonymously on February 18, 2013,  and their profile name was changed […]

Hello Content Marketing, Goodbye Ads!

Advertising has become an increasing challenge for today’s companies. Customers have moved away from watching TV and towards a world were their focus is mostly online; therefore, TV ads are not as useful as they once were to attract new customers. With the introduction of new tools like “block pop-ups,” it has become a challenge to […]

Why are ‘Likes’ so Satisfying?

In today’s world, individuals live in a never ending competition for who gets the most ‘likes’ and the most comments on their posts. We want our Facebook and Instagram pictures to have the highest number of likes, and we want our tweets to get favorited and retweeted. As soon as one of my friends posts a […]

Is Social Media Helping Us Become Avid Readers?

This past Christmas vacation I was back home, in Puerto Rico, having dinner with some family friends. One couple was asking me about my experience studying in the U.S. and telling me how lucky I was to be getting such an excellent education. As the conversation progressed, the man asked me: “Do you tend to read […]

Initial Expectations on Social Media

This past summer I worked for an advertising agency. The first thing my supervisor told me was: “I need you to manage the Facebook Page for one of our product lines and to spread the word in other social media platforms about the products we sell. I do not have the time to be hooked to my […]