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Final Thoughts on Social Media – A Look Back

To be honest, when I first heard this class was going to be a mix of MBA students and undergrads, I was a little worried. But I must say that without a doubt this was one of the most educational and interesting courses I’ve taken thus far at BC. Thank you everyone for your awesome […]

Are We Really Going Back To The Small Town Days? @ProfKane’s Statement Put To The Test! Food Edition.

Apologies in advance, there a lot of references to women cooking and learning to cook from various aunts/grandmas/moms. That is not to say men aren’t fabulous cooks. Some of the best food I’ve had have come from male cooks. This just happened to be my experience. As mentioned multiple times in class, social media is […]

Play Ball! Social media and #OpeningDay

Opening day. Or according to my news feed, Christmas #2 . As #OpeningDay climbs up the Twitter trend chart, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on opening days of years past and what it takes to stand out on social media. Whether or not you acknowledge this sacred day, it’s hard to avoid […]

New on the Starbucks’ menu #RaceTogether

So what is #RaceTogether? This has nothing to do with Patriot’s Day or any type of holiday promoted 3K. Rather, it’s Starbucks’ clever way of injecting a politically charged topic into your morning cup-o-joe. Announced this past Tuesday, Starbucks is using its #RaceTogether campaign to encourage employees to start the free discussion of race in […]

The Value of Community: Interview w/ Mark Browne, Principal Social Media Engagement Manager at EMC

I have to admit, I was BEYOND shocked to see my name among the list of amazing and talented people that make up the EMC Elect. I am by no stretch of the imagination a technical mastermind or product guru. I don’t have a home-lab or a technical certification. To say I am humbled to […]

3 Dresses, 2 Companies, 1 customer. A tale of social media driven customer service

THE STORY: As many women know, finding the RIGHT dress for a night out can be a cumbersome task. I will painstakingly pour over multiple browser tabs and collaborate with various girlfriends to determine what dress will be THE dress. I recently participated in this self-induced torture by trying to find the best outfit for the last […]

Initial Expectations for Social Media

What do I expect from this class on social media? Here is a list of my top 40 expectations, both sarcastic and serious, in no particular order: 1. Be exposed to new platforms I haven’t worked with before 2. Hear the about Oreo Superbowl Twitter post at least twice 3. Understand how to effectively execute […]