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Final Reflections: Full Circle

I can officially say that I’m a Twitter connoisseur! Well, not really. But this class has definitely been a learning experience, one that has given me an appreciation for the various stunning ways that tech changes the way we do business and live our daily lives. This final blog has easily been the hardest to […]

Netflix vs. Cannes: A Generational Fight

Quite a lot of virtual ink has been spilled on the IS6621 blog about Netflix, and for good reason – the company has fundamentally changed how we consume movies and television. But an interesting dynamic of the Netflix equation has recently come to the forefront, one that pits the old guard of cinema up against […]

“Rap Caviar” and the Spotify Playlist

The Spotify playlist is, for millions of Spotify users around the world, the ultimate expression of music taste. Whether it’s a hand-crafted and personal playlist you spend hours poring over, a Spotify discovery playlist created through the magic of data analytics, or a curated playlist that focuses on new releases, the Spotify playlist has proven […]

UMBC: A Social Media Cinderella Story

In a time of the year defined by the improbable, this was a brand new level. March Madness taken to its absolute apex: the 16-seed (lowest seed in the tournament) had finally triumphed over the 1-seed. And not just any 1-seed, but the overall top seed in the whole bracket, the mighty University of Virginia […]

The Search for the Box Office Holy Grail

How do you predict a box office bomb versus a blockbuster triumph? It’s the oldest question in Hollywood, and anyone who has a real answer has got the golden ticket. Now, realistically, nobody does – it can never be that simple, right? So instead, what studios are stuck with is a mix of factors – […]

The Era of the “Woj Bomb” – Twitter’s Impact on NBA Reporting

It was 2:45 PM last Thursday, and I was in my room endlessly refreshing Google Chrome, glued to the front-page of the Reddit’s r/NBA , the biggest forum of basketball fans on the Internet. We were 15 minutes away from the NBA Trade Deadline, and I was trying desperately to keep up with the absurd […]

Initial Thoughts

Maybe I’ve been watching too much science fiction in my free time, but often times when I think of social media and technology, it’s not the most positive associations that generally jump to my mind. Sure, I’m linked into social media about as much as almost everyone else in my generation is (although Twitter is […]