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This One’s For You, Technology.

That’s right, I’m going there. Before writing this final reflection, I went back to my first blog, and couldn’t help but laugh at/feel embarrassed by a post I had written only three months ago. I was definitely a little bit dramatic in calling the world of social media and digital business “The Jungle”, but it […]

Follow up to Cellphones for the Homeless

Last week when I was researching for my presentation on providing cell phones to homeless individuals, I realized there was a lot of information about ways this is being enacted, but didn’t have time to fit it into my presentation. A major downside to presenting so late was that I didn’t have the weeks left […]

The Internet’s Impact on School Shootings: From Columbine to Parkland

Warning: This is a pretty heavy topic, and contains details of shootings that could make people uncomfortable for one reason or another. Discretion is advised. Last Friday, April 20th, marked the nineteenth anniversary of the Columbine High Massacre. The world has changed a lot since then, particularly the world of technology, so what surprised me […]

Plato, Kant, Musk

Two of these men are among the greatest philosophers of ethics the world has ever seen. But in my opinion, they had it easy. Plato and Kant were thinkers. Their ideas were important, but they never faced imminent and world altering decisions based on their ethical principles*. The third is Elon Musk, the founder and […]

Twitter Takes Flight

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to travel to Europe for spring break. However, I was unlucky enough to be traveling during a snowstorm that produced hurricane force winds, and ultimately delayed me for a couple of days. I was tempted to write that I was unlucky enough to travel with Turkish Airlines, but […]

📝🛫🤳🛬🗿? 😳!!!

Emojis. In today’s online environment they are everywhere. We may not have realized it, but since Apple added an emoji keyboard to its iOS software in 2011 emojis have slowly but surely become an inescapable, dare I say integral part of our daily lives. 😂 has replaced LOL. 😳 has replaced OMG. In some cases, 😘 has even replaced “I love […]

Shut Up, Uncle Carl!

Let me take you back to October of 2016. The presidential candidates are set, and for you that means that for the past four months you have not been able to get on Facebook without your Uncle Carl basically reaching through his computer screen, grabbing you by the neck, and shoving his political opinion down […]

The Jungle

I wish I could find a gif that portrays the way Professor Kane’s description of the syllabus on the first day of class sounded to me as I sat there, but I have scoured the depths of the internet, and this is the one. This is about to sound really cheesy, but bear with me […]

T E S T I N G . . .

Test post for #IS6621