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Closing Thoughts on IS6621

I cannot tell a lie. When I first signed up for this class, I thought it would be a walk in the park. I’m young, I use social media every day, my generation practically made social media (right?) so what could I possibly get out of this course? In my mind, an easy A with […]

Finstagram… Is it for you?

Last week, the New York Times wrote an article about the new social media trend of creating “fake” personal Instagram accounts. In contrast to your day-to-day Instagram filled with smiling, edited photos, your “Finstagram” would be a private social media page shared with only your close friends and family. How many hours cumulatively have we […]

My Breakup with Snapchat </3

When I first deleted my Snapchat, I never thought it would last. Just like a romantic relationship, I thought that our attachment had grown too strong and I just wanted to take a ~break~ to get some much needed space. “It’s not you Snapchat, it’s me.” I thought to myself. Well, a whole ten months […]

Phone Addiction: Help

Just how addicted are we to our phones? A new photo series by Eric Pickersgill takes every day images and removes the cell phones present to make our attachment to those little devices frighteningly apparent. In settings ranging from a couple in bed to strangers sitting on a street corner to a family sitting at […]

Facebook Post Leads to Firing… Again

You’ve heard it again and again— “be careful what you post on social media”. Or at least that’s what I thought everyone knew. In another social media disaster, an employee of Atlanta-based Polaris Marketing Group was recently fired for a post on Facebook. What’s interesting about this situation, however, is that the post itself was […]

Twitter Gets It Right: #SmartGirlsAsk

“What are you wearing! Who did your makeup and hair!”—questions we have all heard being asked at red carpet awards shows. While these awards shows are supposed to be about celebrating and rewarding the hard work and dedication of actors, many red carpet events instead end up being focused on the designer of outfits, the […]

First Thoughts: Social Media, Good or Bad?

The development of social media in the last ten years has been incredible. Parents for years have employed the common phrase, “when I was younger there was no such thing as (insert modern day advancement)” to show their children how different their upbringing was. Now, this saying has a completely new meaning with the rapid […]

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