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Don’t Forget to Turn Out the Lights…

I can’t reflect on this class, without reflecting on my whole MBA experience as this is my final assignment for my final class in the program. While the MBA journey started for me three and a half years ago, coming back to the school I went to for my Bachelor’s Degree gave it a bit […]

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Education

Growing up I was always partial to Math over English because there was no subjectivity, the answer you provide is either right or wrong. An essay in class could be one teacher’s A and another teacher’s C and you never know what to expect because it is just a feeling. However, what if we had […]

How Art Can Be Helped By (Data) Science

Prior to class this week I was listening to a presentation about how art collectors are now using AI to spot forgeries of artwork. Obviously, some pieces of art are very valuable because of the uniqueness and rarity of them. The ability to make obscene amounts of money from an “original” work of art breeds […]

How Digital Transformation Affects How We Consume Sports

Prior to the pandemic, the idea of watching sports in 3D with your friends was supposed to be “the next big thing”. However, even though sports came back last year minus the presence of their fans, there was very little talk of being able to watch a game in 3D. There were NBA games where […]

How SaaS is Changing the Academic Space

While this blog post was supposed to be a follow-up to my presentation, circumstances have forced this to be a preview instead. While more will be forthcoming in my presentation, I wanted to share some of the cool applications of SaaS that “didn’t make the cut” into the presentation. Software as a Service (SaaS) is […]

Initial Expectations for Emerging Technologies and Digital Business

I am very excited to see what this class has in store for us. I work at a software company, PTC, that is truly epitomizing digital transformation. We live it so much that our company motto is now “Power To Create” and our logo, shown below is a “P” and a “D” aligned in a […]