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Final Reflections on Social Media

Before I start my blog post, I just want to answer a few questions I received after my presentation on Twitch Plays Pokemon (TPP). I definitely should have mentioned this, but was eventually bought by Amazon in September, 2014 for $970 million, which is about a half a year after the Pokemon Red craze happened. […]

What We Can Learn From Super Troopers 2

In class a few weeks ago I mentioned the Indiegogo campaign for the movie Super Troopers 2, and to my surprise, not too many people knew about it.  According to Wikipedia, the first Super Troopers is about “five Vermont state troopers who seem to have more of a knack of pranks than actual police work,” […]

Spotify vs. Tidal: Should You Pirate Music?

Daft Punk. Chris Martin. Nicki Minaj. Rihanna. Jack White. Usher. Madonna. Win Butler. Alicia Keyes. Beyonce. Kanye West. Jay Z. Drinking champagne, kissing hello on both cheeks, talking about starting a movement, claiming this yet to be named collaboration is “ego-less” (re-read previous 12 names), arguing that whatever ‘it’ is (still yet to be named) […]

Has Facial Recognition Gone Too Far?

I remember the first time I got creeped out by Facebook’s facial recognition capabilities like it was yesterday. I was browsing my Facebook, checking my newsfeed, writing dumb statuses, and then BAM! Facebook accidentally tagged me in a really funny unfortunate photo of my mom. The Deepface project was officially presented in the IEEE Computer […]

Rapchat: Freestyling Made Easy

Rapchat is a mobile app that allows you to send raps/freestyles to your friends, all with the click of a few buttons.

How Does Social Media Affect Social Capital?

‘Social capital’ (SK) is one of those overly technical terms that sounds really jargon-y and cringeworthy, but it refers to something that I think everyone understands, at least implicitly. Though the concept of SK has a plurality of meanings, and is often used differently in different contexts, all definitions suggest that SK “inheres in the structure” of […]

Initial Expectations for Social Media: 4:30

I first entered the world of social media through AOL Instant Messenger. My screenname was Bobbq37, a play on words between my name, Bobby, and ‘barbeque.’ Like most screennames, it was only mediocrely funny, worthy of both a smile and a cringe, yet I still remember creating the screenname like it was yesterday. It was […]