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*Nostalgia Bomb*

This is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a class called…#IS6621. Yep, we’re taking a trip down memory lane for this blog post and as child of the 90s […]

Make the Leap

You may all remember Tucker’s Wayfair presentation and the significant strides that they are taking to be an innovative digital company, and chief among those strides was the incorporation of VR/AR technology through a partnership with Magic Leap, the AR and VR hybrid that seeks to being this burgeoning technology to the forefront. You may […]

Facebook the *irresponsible 🔑 keeper

I don’t want to say I told you so but…I TOLD YOU SO. Only a couple blog posts ago I wondered out loud if our willingness to let Facebook provide information to outside developers by using Facebook to sign in was something to worry about. Well, I don’t know if you all heard but Facebook […]

Netflix is Busy Conquering the World

I’ll admit that Netflix has been talked to death in business school. It’s got to be up there with Southwest and Apple as one of the most tired subjects to talk about. But this will not be about their business model transition from mail dvds to streaming; this post is all about their moves in […]

Facebook the 🔑 Keeper

“Would you like to login through your Facebook or Twitter account?” I’ll bet that all of you have seen this message before. This question probably pops up for me at least 10 times a week and almost every one of those 10 times I say yes, but as more and more applications, websites and platforms […]

Changing the Ad Game

Imagine a shake up in the way social media traditionally plays a role in advertising content to consumers. While Instagram and Facebook have utilized intensive targeting methods to reach specific consumers, in the end the ads are the same. They consist of perfectly airbrushed models displaying their merchandise in perfectly manicured photos with maybe a […]

Well…Here goes nothing

And so, here we are; the first of many blog posts to come and I find myself asking the same questions which up to this point deterred me from having a twitter account or  blog in the first place. Who would possibly want to hear my inner dialogue? Who has the time to try and […]

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