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My Final Thoughts on My Initial Thoughts on Social Media & Digital Buisness

Before I jump in to this final blog, I want to thank whoever has been reading this blog over the past few months. Blogging is something I never expected to get into while at college, and it has been both a fun and challenging way to express my thoughts and opinions on the topics at […]


How did an eccentric Chinese man, who came from nothing, go on to become one of the richest men in the world. Well let me tell you a quick story about Jack Ma, and his little company called Alibaba…. Lets Introduce Jack Ma Many of you may now know who Jack Ma is. He is an eccentric […]

RIP Vine (2012-2016)

“RIP Vine…you had a great run” should be placed on Vine’s tombstone when it finally comes to rest in the coming months. Many people were shocked to hear that Vine’s operations would be be coming to an end in the near future. I especially was blindsided by the news, as Vine was an interesting form of […]

28 Reasons Why You Should Read This Article

Did this catchy, interesting title, and awesome thumbnail convince you to click on this blog. I hope so, and that’s the goal of this week’s blog. To take a deep dive and really understand what clickbait really is. Most of us have fallen victim to clickbait in the forms of a Buzzfeed article or a youtube […]

Drone Wars

Back for round 3, I see. Blog 3 is going to go in a different direction from my first two, and focus on an aspect of social media and digital business that I am extremely interested in, drones. Sit back relax and enjoy the show…or blog. Background Many of us know of drones. We hear […]


If your coming back for round 2 of the blog I applaud you. Hope you enjoyed round 1, but round 2 is about to blow the top off that one. Topic for blog 2, Twitter. The GOAT of social media. In my opinion Twitter is the best, most useful, undisputed champ of the social media […]

Hmmm….this is gonna be interesting

Before we dive into my thoughts on my initial thoughts on Social Media and Digital Business. I thought it be best to get to know each other, you guys will be reading me and maybe I’ll be able to read something from you. So just a quick background on me and what my blog posts […]