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…a few of my favorite things.

I began this course much different than I complete it. And the contrast between then-Sean and now-Sean fascinates me, as it happened too quickly. My skepticism of participating in a mixed course filled with a mix of undergrads and graduate students, as well as an entire other section, was enough for me to wait for […]

Do wrong and share

This past Monday morning, a post and link to an article appeared on my Facebook news feed. It was posted by a friend of mine, who was sharing another post from a Facebooker whom I have never met, nor has he for that matter. From my friend’s comment, along with user: Katie Brown’s post, I was […]

Chipotle and its Social Engaging of Customers

Have you ever perused through your Facebook of Twitter feeds and caught a post from a brand you follow, and think: “I wonder who wrote that?” Or have you ever found yourself following a news article right to Twitter handle of a company to view how it is engaging with its users? A week ago, I […]

Careful What You Tweet….Twitter (the NFL) May Shut You Down

So there I was, ready to watch a shared Youtube video that, from what I could deduce from the short post, was the famous Chef Gordon Ramsay and his foul-mouthed antics from his popular Fox TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” being dubbed over a more family-friendly program “Master Chef Junior.” So I clicked on the video and […]

Quitting Facebook: A Success Story

A couple of weeks ago, a good class discussion began in reference to the most recent “you can’t use my stuff” Facebook hoax. There was also a blog post written in which the conversation evolved to debating whether or not Facebook users would ever be subject to, and how they might react, to a subscription […]

A Shared Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…and Maybe More

Last week, a photo surfaced showing a McDonald’s employee assisting a physically disabled customer with his meal in a Chicago restaurant. Hailed for his kindness and generosity, the cashier was spotted not only closing his register down, as to not confuse other customers, but proceeding to don a pair of rubber gloves before joining the […]

Social Media (specifically Twitter): A Reflection

BEFORE “I don’t tweet, it’s weird.” —Sean Murphy, 2011 AFTER “Let’s go Phillies! #tweetMYticket” —Sean Murphy, 2013 I moved to Boston from New York City in 2011. On my last day of work my co-workers threw me a little going away luncheon. I made sure to tell them to keep in touch over email, friend […]