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Social Media: Recap and Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts on Social Media and IS6621 Before writing this final post I went back through and read my original post: Social Media a Broad Look. I knew nothing about social media aside from the general use of today’s popular applications. I think that this class was a great addition to our “toolkits of knowledge”. […]

Boston College CEO Club: Mark Hurd and Oracle

The Boston College CEO Club is considered one of the country’s premier business forums. The keynote speakers at these events are leaders of business from the top tier in their respective fields. Past speakers have included Disney’s Bob Iger, Nike’s Mark Parker, and IBM’s Virginia Rometty among others. I was fortunate to receive an invitation […]

In A TightSpot?

This week I sat down with TightSpot CEO and co-founder Gray Gotcher, a peer of ours studying Economics and History here at Boston College. His App TightSpot is a peer to peer, crowd sourced lending platform that leverages Venmo’s API. Gray compared this idea to “Kickstarter for Loans”. PROBLEM: Currently, to get short term loans […]

Remitly: An Introduction Into the World of Mobile International Finance

Remitly Remitly is an online and mobile platform that is coined at “The best way to send money home”.  Their platform aims to fix the expensive and inefficient landscape that currently exists to send money to friends and family abroad. Remitly empowers people to strengthen relationships across borders by being the world’s most customer-focused payments […]

Net Neutrality: A Big Day

Today in a 3-2 vote the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved “net neutrality”. This means that no one has control over a free and open internet. Before service providers like Comcast, handled different internet activities in different ways and at different costs. Now internet service providers will be regulated on how they handle the data […]

“Remaking a Company for the Digital Natives” Thoughts, Ideas, and Advice

I was a little lost on what to blog on this week, but after I read Remaking a Company for the Digital Natives, an interview of @reneehorne by @geraldckane, I knew I had something to dig into.  Renee is Vice President of Social Business, Enterprise Strategy and Marketing at USAA, a financial services company for […]

Social Media: A Broad Look

Initial expectations for social media: On the first day of Social Media for Managers class, I had many different ideas about what social media is: Is it replying to an email? Commenting on Facebook? Sending a picture on Snapchat? Or gaming against those across the world on Xbox? As a millennial, the internet and the […]