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The Final Frontier of Social Media: Connecing the World

For the first time in my life, enrolling in ISYS6621 has pushed me to think outside the box regarding something that although is a huge part of my life (and my friends’) has generally been associated by me with leisure and wasting time: social media. For instance, I’ve been using Instagram since the time it […]

Apple: Designing the future

With a price tag greater than the GDP of a number of countries, Apple has clearly done some things right over the course of their rise to the top of the food chain. What I’ve noted most impressive with Apple from a hardware perspective is how they’re able to predict and influence what tech will […]

Is more tech what we need?

Now an integral part of daily life for billions around the world, Social Media has clearly transcended the realm of fad. In its rise to glory however, the empowering ability it has given the world to communicate instantly across not only geographic, but ethnic and religious divides has begun to fall by the wayside. The […]

Speed Concious: the Internet is not created equal 

This week, the Wall Street Journal published a blog mentioning that Facebook employees will be able to try a heavily throttled version of their wifi. Dubbed ‘2GTuesdays,’ Facebook is trying to make their employees more weary of what the web and entire Facebook experience is like on slower networks. Each Tuesday, employees at Facebook will […]

Mining with Social Media Data (presentation follow-up)

It should come as no surprise to anyone that we, connected humans, generate incomprehensible amounts of data through our social media use. In fact, it’s something to the tune of 2.5 million Facebook posts and 1.7 million Instagram likes per minute nowadays. And thanks to all of this data floating around, computers finally quick enough […]

Recommendation Algorithms: Reaching the Promised Land

This week in ISYS6621, I will be sharing my findings on Data Mining on social media data. From data generation by users sharing information and spending times on their favorite platforms, to how this data is stored and collected to how this data is finally computed upon and turned into insight, I’ve stumbled upon some […]

Adverse Effects of a Better Instagram

As mobile network speeds continue to rise, smartphone cameras sensors pack more megapixel punch, and data center growth rates begin to keep pace with the rate at which social media users are sharing information, photo sharing giant Instagram has been able to implement some significant changes. Having seen only a few major functionality tweaks over […]