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What a Time to Be Alive

What a semester! From a historical perspective the argument could be made that we took this class at the absolute best time. As we fought through the pandemic, I was very happy when BC announced that this class would be in person. As Professor Kane has said a few times, this isn’t a class that […]

IPOs, Direct Listings and SPAC’s

Last Wednesday Coinbase went public with a valuation of $85 billion through a direct listing. Direct listing is a lot different than doing an IPO especially for the company’s balance sheet. Before we explore the distinction, it is important to understand how we go here. In 1929 the US experienced the worst financial crisis the […]

The Digitization of Personal Finance

I am going to teach you to be rich! Okay not exactly but if you are looking for a great personal finance book, the book by the same name is definitely worth a read. A more accurate introduction is I am going to explain the technology that enables companies to aggregate financial data and two […]

How TikTok is Transforming Content Consumption

Remember when shows used to air each week live and in order to watch the show you had to be tuned in at the predetermined time? For me that show was The Office, I would look forward to Thursday night’s when it would air. I would have to watch through 8 minutes of commercials just […]


Ove the past ten years I have become an avid bird watcher. Baldwin was a big reason I chose BC over HBS. All joking aside, I was very excited to learn that Twitter just announced they are testing a new feature called “Birdwatch.”. Birdwatch is currently in beta on a separate site from Twitter. The […]

Spring Expectations

In the winter of 2011 I was visiting my friend Spencer who was a junior at BC, we were having lunch at Eagle’s Deli. I was simply excited to get a burger but Spencer was ecstatic telling me about a new currency called Bitcoin. He was trying to explain to me how Bitcoin works and […]