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A Reflection Through the Eyes of Stranger Things

30 years from now, how will we look back on the technologies of today? Will we look back in fond memory? Will we find ourselves to be primitive? Will we wonder how we didn’t discover the latest form of technology sooner? Will today be considered “the good ol’ days?” This is what I asked myself […]

5 Uses of Technology I’m Thankful For

This past Thanksgiving break gave me an ample amount of time to think and reflect on my classes this past semester, especially Social Media and Digital Business. With the spirit of thanks in the Californian air, I couldn’t help but wonder which uses of technology I am most thankful for. Just for the purpose of […]

How GoPro Utilizes Its Consumer Base

Last year I took a course called Strategic Brand Management taught by Professor John Fisher, and on the first day, he assigned each student to write their favorite brand on a piece of paper and bring it to the next class. After much thought, which consisted of me going through my Instagram account and looking […]

Instagram’s (and Spotify’s) Biggest Mystery

A few weeks back, I received a text in a group chat from a friend from home. It was a screenshot of an Instagram account, specifically a screenshot of a girl in a bikini somewhat close to the camera, with a quaint sunset and calm waters behind. I paid no mind at first, thinking that […]

Uber and Lyft Shift Towards Autonomous Vehicles

In 2011, people never expected the taxi industry to take an 180º turn. Taxi medallions, which are small, aluminum medallions that gave government permission to operate a vehicle as a taxi for hire, were being sold for record prices and making headlines. In NYC, where taxi medallions were capped at 13,587, they were being sold […]

How Instagram Has Changed the Restaurant Game

This past Tuesday, I attended Business and Food Blogging, presented by the Carroll School of Management Honors Program and cohosted by Spoon University and BC Dining Services. It featured a panel of four different women, best known for their Boston-based food Instagram accounts @bostonfoodies, @BostonFoodJournal, @Chocolateforbasil, and @princessgloriachinfeasts. I wanted to get their take on […]

Social Media Is More Planned Than You Think

Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitter, Snapchat Stories, statuses–think of the endless features on social media websites and applications that allow users to stream and post in real-time showing what they are doing in the moment, wherever they may be, all around the world. Crazy right?! Seeing what people are doing within milliseconds of them posting?! […]