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Who’s feeling #blessed?!? #is6621 #d

Last blog post?! I think my friends will feel #blessed they never have to hear me say, “I still have to finish that blog post” ever again. But I’m not celebrating. First of all, I will miss the opportunity every other week to independently explore an aspect of social media or emerging technologies and to […]

The Madness that is Singles’ Day

Some of you may be Black Friday and Cyber Monday fiends, but have you heard of this Singles Day madness?!? Singles’ Day, set on November 11th, 11/11, hilariously, originally began in the 90’s as a day in China for partnerless individuals to celebrate being single. An anti-Valentine’s Day, if you will. In 2009, however, Alibaba, […]

Email Marketing: The Sneaky Essential to Digital Marketing Campaigns

Shit That I Knit started out as blog where Chief Knitting Officer (CKO), Christina, posted photos of and anecdotes about what she was knitting in college to share with her mom and sisters. One summer after college, she and her mom decided to spend all of their free time knitting hundreds of products to sell […]

The Power of YouTube

In my elementary and middle school years, my friends and I would spend hours on end on YouTube watching video after video, jumping from singers to dance groups to entertainers like Jenna Marbles. We even claim to have discovered Justin Bieber because we would watch his initial performances and earliest videos that he posted on […]

If you didn’t story it, did it even happen?

October 3rd is not just the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was; on October 3rd, 2013, Snapchat introduced Snapchat Stories, a feature that has taken over many of our lives. In my experience, Snap stories have made us a lot more transparent, they’ve created yet another way to creep on acquaintances we […]

Gen Z: The Next Social Media Fiends

So there’s all this talk about “Millenials” and how we have “the cell phones growing out of our hands,” how social media has taken over our lives, and how we have become narcissistic people who cannot carry an in-person conversation because of it all. I can’t tell you the number of times my mother has […]

Initial Expectations

Initial thoughts on Social Media and Digital Business? I am pumped. It’s going to be awesome. While Professor Kane intended for his students to leave his first class “shook,” I left incredibly excited for the knowledge, skills, and challenges I expect this class to bring. Since Computers in Management freshman year, I have been fascinated […]

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