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RA Evalu- I mean Final Blog Thoughts

(I tried several times to be witty with this but I have written 10/18 RA performance evaluations so all my brain can see right now is skills and opportunities for growth, which isn’t the worst format for closing reflections, so here we go!) I am genuinely glad I ended up taking this course, however it […]

Digital Transformation of Mental Health Care

A few things inspired me to write this particular post! I think it is on brand with the content I have been sharing so far, especially the on-call-related material. Additionally, if anyone has tried to access mental health care, like scheduling time with a therapist or counselor, it can be incredibly difficult.  For individuals who […]

Campus Crisis Response: Part 2

Hello everyone!  First, thank you for all of your questions after my presentation this past week — it meant a lot that you paid attention the whole way through! This blog is going to be a bit about the second half of my presentation — we have identified part of the problem but creating the […]

9-1-1: What it is and what it could be!

Heads up! I mention suicide and mental health concerns later in this blog! If that isn’t going to be a helpful thing for you, feel free to skip over the last paragraph of the recommendations! Honestly, one of the first things I remember learning was my home phone number, my address, and how to call […]

Digital Transformation of Cooking

Like most of you did or probably will, I did struggle to find a topic to discuss or to feel like I had any information to expertly share with you all, but stumbled upon this as I was trying to figure out what to do for dinner this week. In this post, I will be […]

Expectations! Thoughts! Offer to Bake!

Truthfully, I was a bit apprehensive about the first class and was definitely one of those people who contemplated dropping the course. I think the syllabus was one part of that, another part being that this is my first in-person MBA course. Having sat through the first session though, I am feeling better about the […]