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Final thoughts on #IS6621

This class on social media has definitely been one of the most innovative and enjoyable classes that I have taken at BC. I have learned how truly engrained social media is in our lives and how it can be a vital tool for businesses. In this post I would like to just run through some […]

The Players’ Tribune is changing the game of sports media

The Players’ Tribune is a multimedia platform launched in October 2014 with the goal of giving a voice to professional athletes. The site is essentially a blog but it also features videos, podcasts, polls, etc. The written pieces by the athletes are what set The Players’ Tribune apart though. The Players’ Tribune allows athletes a […]

Boston’s social media influencers

I have lived in the greater Boston area for my whole life, so I generally know what is going on in the area. But with rise of social media platforms over the last ten years our ability to learn more about our city has grown exponentially. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter keep us […]

Film studios use social media to build buzz

The film industry has been one benefactor of the social media revolution that has taken place over the past ten years. Social media has allowed film companies to advertise and build up buzz for their movies in whole new ways. YouTube is the main way that studios deliver trailers and other videos to the public, […]

Sports fans love to hate on social media

This year has seen one of the biggest sports scandals in recent memory: the Deflategate saga of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. It dominated the headlines of all different types of media including social media. The story originally gained traction because of tweets from reporter Bob Kravitz and ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen. Eventually, […]

My changing social media habits…

In my reading group this past week we read an article about how different age groups use social media. I thought this was an interesting topic and it is particularly interesting for us millennials. I am 23 years old and our generation is actually the first generation to go through multiple stages of their lives […]

My initial thoughts on social media

My initial thoughts on social media are that social media is an extremely powerful tool for: 1) regular people allowing us to share just about any piece of news or information and 2) for businesses allowing them to reach out to customers in a whole new variety of way. Social media has drastically changed all […]