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Keeping up with the Royal Family

My fascination with the Royal Family started years ago when Kate Middleton got married to William, the future King of England. I remember the huge worldwide event- every single TV at my high school was tuned in on the Royal Wedding. It was a like a fairytale – a “commoner” was marrying into the British […]


Have you ever felt yourself being swayed in one direction because of something that you read online? If you answered yes, you may have been a victim of online groupthink. In my Strategic Management class last week, we learned about the various sources of common decision biases and traps. One of the sources that we […]

The Business of Social Influencer Marketing

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed only to find it cluttered with sponsored posts from the celebrities that you follow? Or, have you ever seen a staged Snapchat with paid product placements? If yes, then you’ve experienced social influencer marketing. Social influencer marketing has been relevant for a few years now, but what […]

Social Media’s Impact On My Life

Hi, my name is Sherri, and I’m proudly addicted to social media. Similar to many people my age, I spend hours on my phone every day scrolling through my Instagram feed or watching seconds upon seconds of Snapchat stories. I’m also an avid YouTube fan. I subscribe to a long list of lifestyle video bloggers (vloggers) […]

Test Blog Post

This is a brief test post to make sure that this works! I’m excited for #IS6621 and this upcoming semester of learning about all things related to social media and digital business!