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#IS6621; a hashtag I will miss & a few other notes on the semester

When the second week deliverables included creating a Twitter account, blog profile and signing up for snack time, I knew I was in for a treat with this course. And, while I can say this course has little in common with any other course I have taken over the past four years, I can confidently […]

Are You Hungry, Yet? How social media & meal delivery kits are taking over.

Why are companies like HelloFresh and Blue Apron thriving? Is it because of their social media game? Their product? The convenience? Or is it all of these combined that keeps people subscribed? How are these companies disrupting grocery shopping and cooking industries? Let’s start by looking at what they have in common; these meal delivery […]

Experiment: My Weekend Without My iPhone

This past weekend resulted in an accidental social media and digital experiment. I was without a phone from Friday, November 3rd at 4:00pm until Monday, November 6th at 12:30pm. Last Thursday, November 2nd, I b-lined it home for some TLC. I was reminded of how badly I needed rest when I returned from my hiatus […]

Warning: This blog post might make you want to workout

Since college, working out has become more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Without my set schedule in high school of sports after school, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to change into workout clothes between classes, walk in the freezing cold to the Plex, workout, shower and get back into […]

Bye Big Brands; Presentation follow-up

Yesterday afternoon I told you about Brandless, a company where you can buy anything from tissues to kitchen towels and hand soap all for $3. The objective of my presentation was to share the companies that are successfully reaching millennials through revolutionary business models; a task that has been proven to be challenging for big […]

L8r Taxi, Welcome Drone

As I watched Snapchat stories, Instagram posts and my Facebook feed become inundated with posts from friends’ voyages to Clemson this passed weekend, very little of me felt envy, it was more relief. From my standpoint, and it is limited as I was relying solely on social media, it seemed the consensus was girls fly, […]

Social Media Scares Me, Yet I’m Enrolled in This Course

Personally, when I first joined this class I was still figuring out if I genuinely liked social media or just used it to keep up with my peers. Is it self-absorbed to instagram everyday? Upload all the happy times on Facebook? “No everyone’s doing it.” Or “be yourself” and “do what makes you happy” are […]