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I Have A Confession To Make.

I have a confession to make. I highly considered dropping this class. Senioritis started creeping up on me at the beginning of this semester. I worried that tweeting four times a week, blogging every other, watching one or two TEDx Talks accompanied with an article, and presenting once this semester was more than I could […]

Is This Girl An Actual Person?

  Real or fake, you tell me? For the past five months that I’ve followed @LilMiquela on Instagram I honestly didn’t have an answer. After studying a few posts, I had no doubt that she looked computer generated. Even in a realm where humans edit out their imperfections and enhance or generate better qualities through […]

Service Done For Social Media

As BC students, service immersion programs are no stranger to our education. In fact, they often times coincide with our education, if not formally conducted in a classroom setting they do manage to provide learning experiences that coincide with our Jesuit values… you know, “men and women for others.” If BC hasn’t so gently pushed […]

Fortnite From Afar

It’s been here and it’s been happening for sometime now. Everyday I find myself hearing screams coming from down the hall or even in the rooms above my dorm. My boyfriend does it and so does all of his friends. I find it absolutely crazy how emotional people get about it. I even see laptops […]

Interview For One, Please!

Thursday morning I sat on the fifth floor of O’Neill library locked away in a study room and talked to myself for an hour. Well, actually I talked to my computer camera as the green light next to it stared back at me. I’d never done a video interview before, nevertheless a one-way video interview. […]

What’s Led Me to Delete Social Media for the Next Week?!

This past weekend my sister’s phone was stolen at the bar and I could not have been more happy about it. For the past three days my 23-year-old sister was in town visiting me from Chicago. I am the youngest in our family, so the two of us wanted to have a proper celebration during […]

Graduating From My AIM Days

Social media and I go waaaay back. I know social media, I mean social media and I grew up together. We’re like old pals, some would even say we have a bond that will hold us together for life. Since I was 11 years old, I’ve participated in social media. It all started with AIM, […]