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Fortnite From Afar

It’s been here and it’s been happening for sometime now. Everyday I find myself hearing screams coming from down the hall or even in the rooms above my dorm. My boyfriend does it and so does all of his friends. I find it absolutely crazy how emotional people get about it. I even see laptops […]

Interview For One, Please!

Thursday morning I sat on the fifth floor of O’Neill library locked away in a study room and talked to myself for an hour. Well, actually I talked to my computer camera as the green light next to it stared back at me. I’d never done a video interview before, nevertheless a one-way video interview. […]

What’s Led Me to Delete Social Media for the Next Week?!

This past weekend my sister’s phone was stolen at the bar and I could not have been more happy about it. For the past three days my 23-year-old sister was in town visiting me from Chicago. I am the youngest in our family, so the two of us wanted to have a proper celebration during […]

Graduating From My AIM Days

Social media and I go waaaay back. I know social media, I mean social media and I grew up together. We’re like old pals, some would even say we have a bond that will hold us together for life. Since I was 11 years old, I’ve participated in social media. It all started with AIM, […]

Is This Thing On?

Hello classmates and potentially a few former #IS6621 students! Bare with me as I attempt to navigate WordPress. Nothing is more humbling than feeling as helpless as my 50-something-year-old mother would be on this site. Hopefully my eagerness to master this blog site and personalize it to the best of my ability will turn me from […]