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The future of connectivity: space edition

With the coming implementation of 5G, expansions in traditional fiber optic cable networks, and plans to deploy vast satellite internet constellations, improved connectivity seems to be one of the most far reaching trends of our time. Although most of us are familiar with 5G and traditional internet networks at this point, I wanted to take […]

5G has risks??

We’ve all undoubtedly heard of the release of 5G technology and the spoils this ultra-low latency technology will provide our technological world. 5G claims to slash latency from current 4G networks by 50x, however this reduction is from a 50-millisecond delay, down to a one millisecond delay between machines interacting with each other. This will […]

Alexa, Who’s Listening to Me?

With the holiday season just passing, odds are you know someone who just received a smart home speaker as a gift. On Christmas morning every member of my family unwrapped either an Amazon Echo or a Google Home. We had unknowingly purchased them for each other and immediately exposed ourselves to an all new data […]

Initial Thoughts on SM & DB

I finally have the opportunity to take classes just for the sake of personal interest and learning, and not to fulfill university core requirements, and as a Senior I have searched for the most interesting classes BC offers to fill my final semester schedule with. When I stumbled across “Social Media & Digital Business” I […]