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A Social Media Practicum

I was a little skeptical about the power of social media at the start. But after an experiment in the social media science lab, I’m a full convert. This stuff works.

ISYS6621: We’re Already Late to the Social Education Party

BC offering us the opportunity to learn practical applications for something we typically use to goof around seemed almost hedonistic. However, as it turns out – we’re already way, way behind on this social media education thing.

Social Without Even Trying

Social media has opened up our ability to communicate and connect. Most of it involves our ability to aggregate or create the content that represents us. However, there are ways we can participate in social media that involve doing almost nothing at all. And the collective benefit is astounding.

Viral Goes Scientific

Viral videos have become an ordinary part of our online and social experience. They’ve even become commonplace in advertising. But how does viral work? How do we know if something will catch on? Up till now we really didn’t. But advertisers are trying to crunch the numbers to unlock the secrets of viral videos.

Is There A Social Way to Solve Boston’s Parking Problem?

Could social media help provide better information about car sharing services, finally encouraging those with cars they rarely use to take them off the road?

#BecauseIDied: Just Because You Know Something Will Go Viral, Should You Still Do It?

Creating a viral ad can increase brand awareness and campaign resonance. But sometimes making something you know will go viral may not be the smart move if you aren’t doing it for the right reasons.

Thinking Beyond Web 2.0

My initial expectations for this class are to go outside the box of the typical mainstream media discussions of social media. I hope to move beyond social media’s effectiveness as a marketing tool or a discussion starter / expander or how social media “connects” people who would otherwise lose touch or never meet. I don’t […]

Test post

Testing to make sure I can write and post.