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Epilogue: Back to the Future

Twelve weeks ago I wrote my first blog post ever.  It was for this class, accurately titled “Digitalasourus Rex.”  Twelve weeks later I sit to write this post, still accurately self-described as a digital dinosaur.  But, with some of the tools that I’ve sharpened and lessons that I have learned in Professor Kane’s class, I may just survive […]

VICE: The Future of Work

This past weekend Vice released the latest segment, The Future of Work, at an ironic and opportune moment as if Vice had read our class syllabus.  Predictably so, the segment opens by discussing similar topics to that of our class conversations; how AI will disrupt menial tasks and therefore replace lower wage jobs.  Highlighting firms like Amazon, well […]

Big Brother x App Sync

A couple of weekends ago I took a rainy Saturday afternoon to figure out which of my Apple devices at home were synced up to my other Apple devices at home.  Some of my devices are for work and some are for play (i.e. personal use). While far down on my to-do list, I got […]

Swipe-Left, It’s More Fun

A recent article that I reposted to Twitter discussed the adaptation of the infamous “Ex” (i.e. ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend) to the online dating sphere into what the author coined as “Orbiters.”  The article analyzes the behavior of former companions on social media by using a rather interesting analogy of manner by which planets revolve around the Sun; […]

Is ‘going viral’ viral or na?

I’ll preface this post by saying that I may touch on some hot buttons here.  Some political, some racial.  And I don’t apologize that for that.  But, bear with me. I often think about that the phenomenon of “going viral” is doing to our society.  In my last post I touched on the value associated with one’s digital presence.  In […]

Digitalasorus Rex

The Why… I’ve always had this unjustified, perhaps irrational, fear of there being a direct line communication from my stream of consciousness to the outside world.  It is a sentiment that has kept me away from blogging or putting my opinion in writing for the world to read and judge.  It has certainly shunned me away from […]