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Airbnb and the Millennial

The millennial shopping patterns are becoming increasingly important for companies to understand and capitalize on as millennials become more and more dominant consumers. According to an Airbnb citizen article, “Millennials are the largest generation in history, and by 2025, millennials and younger generations will account for 75% of all consumers and travelers.” This projected proportion […]

Today’s Buzzword is Augmented Reality – But is it a Gimmick or Legitimately Impactful?

Recently, the media seems to be saturated with articles, tweets, and overarching news on the topic of augmented reality and its impending penetration into a myriad of markets. Augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality are all frequently used buzzwords that seem to intimidate many as they promise to disrupt almost every industry imaginable. But […]

Instagram: Allowing the Individual to Become Their Own Business

*Scroll* *Double-Tap* *Scroll* *Double-Tap* *Scroll* *Double-Tap* For those unfamiliar with the physical actions associated with Instagram, there is a habitual act that is associated with the use of the App: scrolling through the newsfeed and double-tapping an image to “like” the post. The heavy integration of Instagram into a millennial’s life has allowed for the […]

Hashtag, Relatable.

What is it like to grow into adolescence alongside classmates as well as smartphones, to learn how to write a history essay while also learning how to make friends laugh in 150 characters, to master an Instagram follower-to-like ratio while perfecting a resumé? My generation seems to know nothing else, as we have had the […]

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