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Lots of Enjoyable Work, Plenty of Time to Complete It, and Great Conversations

As I was reading over my first blog post titled “Curious and Overwhelmed”, I realized that yes, I had a lot of good notions about Social Media and Digital Business but I also did not realize how much of a positive experience this class would be. I think my first notion that there were lots […]

Artificial Intelligence: Is it”Smarter” than us

In class we’ve discussed in varying degrees whether or not Artificial Intelligence is already “smarter” than us. Calculators and Microsoft Excel Sheets can perform mathematical equations faster than humans could dream of solving them. Computers have been beating World Chess Champions since Deep Blue beat Kasparov in 1997 and have only been making improvements since. […]

Internet Mob Mentality: A Response to Ronson and the Dangers of Social Media

“The World’s Biggest Small Town” is how Megan McArdle describes the internet ecosystem we live in today. I wanted to write about Internet Mob Mentality and the dangers of social media after watching Jon Ronson’s Ted Talk, “When online shaming goes too far” video for class. The hostility exhibited towards Justine Sacco, whether deserved or […]

What Happened to Google Glass?

“What happened to Google Glass?” is exactly what I have been asking myself for the past 4 years. Earlier this semester I tweeted out that Intel was making another push for Smart Glasses by making their own “Vault” glasses. However, I wanted to dive a little bit deeper into this subject than a simple tweet because […]

Tobii Eye Tracking Technology originally designed for Medical now being used for Video Games

My first exposure to Tobii Eye Tracking Technology occurred when I was hanging out with my cousin Buck. He has Cerebral Palsy and as a kid, I was barely able to communicate with him. Having Cerebral Palsy for him meant that he had limited motor function yet his brain was still working at full speed. […]

Who is Facebook for? Inspired from Class

As we sat in class last week, Professor Kane made the claim that Facebook wasn’t meant for people younger than High School Graduate Age. How could he say this! My middle school experience was dominated by Facebook. Sneaking onto my 14 inch desktop computer to check my feed flooded with photos of middle school dances […]

Initial Thoughts: Curious and Overwhelmed

As we start off the year in ISYS6621: Social Media and Digital Business I think my feelings are somewhat constricted when I tried to create a title for this post. As a Senior, I like to think that I’ve gotten the whole BC class formula down: Read the syllabus, note the exam days, and read […]

Test Post – Confused

This is just a quick test post to see where content shows up. Not quite sure what’s supposed to happen similar John Travolta from a scene in Pulp Fiction.