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Football Fans: the Good, the Bad, and…the Funny

I pushed my post date back to Monday so I could be sure to do a Super Bowl-related post. What a game…As a Jets fan, you can guess how I feel about last night’s game… Although this post highlights the reactions of Eagles fans from last night, the intense reactions and stories here are relatable […]

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

I am fired up about this class to say the least. As a New York sports fan it is definitely one of the more exciting things going on in my life right now. I have been active on social media since high school, so I am familiar with several different platforms. But this class is […]

New Year, New Me

Hello, everyone! This is just a brief test post to make sure I am figuring out this website that we will be using often in #IS6621. I never imagined myself blogging for a college course (or for anything honestly), but here I am! There is no other course like this one so I am really […]