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The Ten Commandments of Social Media and Digital Business

***The one thing I will not miss is WordPress not letting me use hyperlinks for the last 3 blogs…*** This is my longest blog, but I think it is worth the read! I can’t believe how fast this semester has flown by. I had a good laugh reading my first blog. To briefly recap: I […]

How Tech Fights Color Blindness

  **Still having hyperlink issues so apologies for any URLs** I hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Boston Marathon, especially the seniors. It is by far the best day of the year regardless of the weather that is part of why Boston College is so special.   I was having a tough time deciding what my […]

Ultra Successful

**Just a heads up, I wrote this while the music festival took place this weekend and that is why it focuses partially on 2017. Also, my hyperlinks were not working so all of my sources are at the end of the blog.** This weekend, Ultra Music Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary in Miami, Florida. Ultra […]

DJ Khaled’s Keys to Social Media Success

      I was recently listening to the newest DJ Khaled hit “Top Off” with power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and it made me realize he would be such an interesting person to blog about. DJ Khaled is a name anyone who listens to media regularly recognizes. It feels like he has been around […]

Flex: A Pioneer in Digital Innovation

For those of you reading, I hope you enjoyed my presentation on Flextronics (Flex). I really enjoyed learning about this unsung hero of digital innovation. I will recap the presentation quickly for everyone: Flex is a tech company that looks to provide companies with Sketch-to-Scale solutions. Working with companies from sketch to scale means providing […]

Football Fans: the Good, the Bad, and…the Funny

I pushed my post date back to Monday so I could be sure to do a Super Bowl-related post. What a game…As a Jets fan, you can guess how I feel about last night’s game… Although this post highlights the reactions of Eagles fans from last night, the intense reactions and stories here are relatable […]

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

I am fired up about this class to say the least. As a New York sports fan it is definitely one of the more exciting things going on in my life right now. I have been active on social media since high school, so I am familiar with several different platforms. But this class is […]