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A Bittersweet End

The Class: Without question, social media & digital business has been my most enjoyable class this semester.  The autonomy that we are granted for our blog posts, presentations, tweets and class discussion allow us to develop our own insights and discuss current tech and social media topics that are impacting our daily lives.  I have truly […]

Gimme Some Sugar

“Sugar Babies” Over Thanksgiving break I spent most of my time either sleeping or lounging around the house (as one should).  While watching TV and browsing the on demand options, I noticed some new episodes of “Black Market: Dispatches,” a relatively new show on VICELAND that I’ve grown to love, were released. I ultimately decided on […]

Can Mustaches Actually Save Lives?

The History:   This is the story of two Australian’s who decided over beers at a local bar to revive a dying male fashion trend, the mustache.  Little did they know they would start a not-for-profit organization that would raise millions of dollars to support numerous men’s health issues. Travis Garone and Luke Slattery began the first ever Movember […]

Welcome to (my) Houseparty!

DISCLAIMER: Houseparty is actually referring to a new app that has become extremely popular, not actual house parties! (Click here to read a fellow classmates post on clickbait) While on a trip down to New Jersey with a few cars worth of friends, I suggested that we download a walkie talkie app to stay entertained and connected during […]

What does the future hold for Amazon?

Amazon Now: The Facts Founded as an e-commerce platform, Amazon has grown into much more.  For example, Amazon Prime, an expedited delivery service, decreased delivery time and consequently increased overall orders. Additionally, Amazon is constantly seeking to cut delivery costs, so they has invested in robot-powered warehouses, a fleet of delivery trucks, and forty Boeing 767 airplanes.  Lastly, Lab126, a division […]

Connecting with Nature

The other day as I scrolled through my Instagram feed, wasting my spare time in between classes, I noticed a National Geographic magazine cover (shown above) amongst the stream of Saturday’s tailgate and Oktoberfest photos. Beneath the cover was a brief description. National Geographic is looking for millennials to share photos of themselves at a national park or enjoying […]

My Social Media Story

Social Media is something that I have always seen as beneficial, and even productive, but recently I have started to consider why I use social media and which outlets are actually worthwhile. Everyone knows that once you post something on the Internet, it is out there for all to see. I try to use social […]