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Final Thoughts on #IS6621

It’s overwhelming how my perspective of social media changed since the beginning of the course. I decided to take this class because on the last semester of my college career I decided to drop the management and leadership concentration to start the entrepreneurship concentration. Many of the requirements from management also applied for entrepreneurship so […]

Getting rich with Social Media

We often discuss about how large social media platforms are making large sums of money through ads, but we almost never think about how us as regular consumers could also leverage these platforms to earn money from corporations who are seeking new ways to promote their brand. In a sense, we as customers have more […]

How Social Media has Influenced the Financial Services Industry

Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, social media has been growing exponentially and that is why financial technological companies have inevitably integrated these communication platforms into their service offerings. While social media began as communication platforms to integrate people from across the wide range of the internet, it has become something much more […]

GoPro struggles

Coming from Costa Rica and going to school in Boston, has helped me to appreciate other cultures even further and to enjoy traveling even more. As a millennial that likes to stay active in social media, I have opted for sharing my experiences through the lens of my GoPro. GoPro started as an action camera […]

Drones and their uses

I have been a drone enthusiast for a couple of years now. It all started when I was taking summer classes at BC. I had to wait until my afternoon class and did not have much to do in the meantime. With time in my hands, I decided to scroll down the kickstarter website to […]

Social Media: tool or trap?

It is concerning to look at facts about how much time people spend on social media nowadays. I plead guilty to the same charge, as I spend an enormous amount of time scrolling through my Facebook news feed to see what my friends are up to, or simply looking at stories in Snapchat to procrastinate. […]

Leaving home was not as tough as expected – thanks to social media

    Back when I was finishing up my high school, I had a tough decision to make. I did not know if I wanted to stay back in Costa Rica where I grew up or take up on the challenge of starting my college career in the U.S. Of course, the only thing holding […]