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Creative Confidence & Parting Thoughts

I wanted to wait until after my presentation and our last class to post my reflection, and I’m very happy I did wait, because our conversations and the feeling I had leaving that presentation brought the clarity I was hoping to find when looking back on our class. For me, these were my major takeaways […]

The Challenge of Social Media & Web Video | Nicaragua Nursing Trip

Nicaragua Documentary Experience in Light of @tarakane36 ‘s “Service Done for Social Media“ This past March, I was fortunate enough to travel with 14 student nurses and faculty members from the Connell School of Nursing to Nueva Vida Clinic in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua, just outside the city of Managua.  Paul Dagnello (Senior Digital Media Producer for the […]

Boston College Admissions Season: Marketing Report Card

As we near the end of Admissions season at BC on May 1st, our Office of University Communications has been looking back on a lot of our efforts and trying to evaluate what worked, what didn’t, and what we still need to improve. Successes For the first time at BC, we designed a main Welcome2022 […]

“Making of” BC’s Harry Potter Admissions Video

Harry Potter Admissions Video: Making Of Most recently, I wrote, directed, and shot “Special Delivery” – a Harry – Potter themed Admissions video for Boston College – and I wanted to write a blog post about the strategy, production, and results of the piece – hoping to draw some insights that can be applied to […]

Boston College Videos: What do you want?

What makes a video successful?  What makes a video “viral?”  I spend most of my waking consciousness thinking about this, for better or for worse. As Creative Producer for BC, I make social videos that tend to fall within these characteristics: Montage, highly visual;  narrative or theme driven Inspirational, uplifting tone 1-2 minutes in length […]

DIGITAL BUSINESS: Film Guy Vs Accounting Guy

As a graduate of Boston College who attempted to make sense of an Accounting and Film degree, I began by playing a bit of word association when it came to “Digital Business:”   The film guy in me immediately thought, “Facebook Videos,” the Accounting guy in me thought, “Paid Social,” but the combination of the […]

Test Post

This is my test post for #isys6621